Charity Bake Sale

What better way to raise money for a good cause than with cake! We understand the importance of a bake sale and the hard work it can involve, which is why we've rounded up a few tips to help you stay one step ahead.

Date, time & location.

To help get maximum traffic to your bake sale always choose a date and time where it'll be the busiest. where possible, try and choose a venue which coincides with another event. For example, festivals, concerts or community events.

Round up your team.

Ask family, friends and colleagues to see if they'd like to help out. Although most people love to eat baked goods it can be hard to believe not everyone bakes, but that shouldn't stop them from asking their friends and family to see if they'd like to take part. Someone's bound to know of someone who loves to bake.

Remember, there's more to a bake sale than just baking. Whether it's choosing a suitable venue, advertising the event, getting all the equipment ready for the day or pricing up goods it is important to delegate tasks equally across the team.

Offer a selection.

Try and keep track of who's baking what, and don't forget to offer a variety of different treats as the last thing you want is a case of too much of one thing and not enough of the other. Try and offer both sweet and savoury goods and don't forget to add some vegan treats for those that prefer dairy-free.

Spread the word.

Whether it's through word of mouth or social media spread the word! We understand how time consuming it can be to organise an event so to help out, we've created some bake sale posters for you. Simply, download and print off for free.

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